Thursday, August 29, 2002

Environmentalist stupidity

I am as ever amazed by the stupidity that is espoused by environmentalists. With the "Earth Summit" over in South Africa, this is in the forefront of my thoughts. What do the Environmentalists want? And why do they want to take my rights away to achieve their desires? Here is a nice qoute showing some of their odd thoughts on the matter:
It’s about not using up our natural capital such as wilderness areas, forests, a fish stock or an aquifer...
I'm still trying to figure out how we can use up a renewable resource such as trees. Isn't the fact that they are called 'RENEWABLE' mean that they would never run out??

This doesnt really help for the environmentalist's credibility factor.

Also check this one out:
Americans represent 4.5 percent of the world’s population ... produce 25 percent of the world’s major greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide, amongst other wastes.
Did you know that the area of the US with the highest ozone level is the Appalachian Mountains? Yet there are no major cities, no major highways, just bunches and bunches of trees. Did you know that there is a stagnant brown cloud hovering over the India subcontinent? Created not by industries, not by cars, not by Western Civilization. Rather it is created by the burning of wood as a fuel source. Of course these facts are omitted when discussing environmental concerns.

These environmentalists hate America so much that they blame the world's trouble on America, and like so many other topics, conservatives sit back and ignore them. Instead of ignoring this, why do we not attack? Why do we not call them on these many errors in their way of thinking? Why do we huddle in defense and allow all these liberal thoughts, programs, and idiocy destroy our great nation.



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