Tuesday, August 20, 2002

The Sad Case of the Liberal-like Christ...

Here's an interesting example of this particular website: Gay Challenge to Fundamentalists

Now some of what it says is true. People with a homosexaul tendencies are required Biblically to have the same standards on promiscuity and adultery as heterosexuals. The unfortunate part is, they advocate homsexuality. No matter how you look at this topic, any sex outside of marriage (as defined by God during the creation as being between a man and a woman) is sin and a defilement of the body.

This website goes about telling you that it's ok, yet they never actually give scriptures backing themselves up. This website says gay marriages are ok, yet their "proof" is just wishy-washy emotionalism.

Yes, in his day, Jesus was a liberal. He preached on self-control, moderation, loving all people. But at the same time, HE never espoused sin. Yes, he forgave the prostitute, but He commanded her to "Go, and sin no more."

Here's an interesting qoute for you:
Directly informing this historic decision were Dr. Evelyn Hooker's demonstrations through psychological profiles that the psychiatric community was unable to distinguish homosexuals from heterosexuals by any feature other than their orientations. Dr. Hooker's findings, eventually incorporated in a National Institute of Mental Health Task Force on Homosexuality Report, showed clearly that homosexuality did not imply pathology.Gay Today: Ex-Gays. Sandy Rapp

The Bible plainly teaches this. There is no difference between a homosexual and a heterosexual.

Except a matter of a simple sin.

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