Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Taking security a bit to far

There's a new product on the market. It's about the size of a wristwatch, with builtin cellular and gps technology. That's right your very own tracking device is now for sale. Or more specifically, the tracking device for your child is now on sale. For only about $500 and $30/month, you to can own one of these fine products. The first in a downward slide into the government knowing exactly where any of us are at any given time.

I do not like these.

What this does is teaches our children that it is ok for someone to keep track of them at all times. It teaches our children that Big Brother (if you don't know what I mean, go read Orsen Well's 1984) is good for them. This scares me to no end. I am a firm believer that government should never be trusted. I am a firm believer that I can take care of my family and myself better than the government. I am a firm believer that I know what is good for me, moreso than the government. Now liberals the world over are probably flipping over these statements, because they believe the government should do all those things for us. This little device is just another step in a series to destroy our privacy, and let the government know all that there is to know about you and me.

Scary, huh?



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