Sunday, August 25, 2002

The Unhappy Marriage.......Counselor

A little searching on the net has found out a rant just waiting to be hatched.

Again, here's the qoute of the day:

William Pinsof, a respected family therapist and editor of Family Process Journal, has just devoted a whole issue to the idea that preventing divorce is, well, a bad idea. "Divorce, Living Together Are New Norms," screamed the headline in USA Today. "It is time to move beyond thinking about the divorce rate as an indicator of a social disorder that must be reduced, to thinking about it more neutrally and inquisitively," Pinsoff writes. Divorce should be regarded as one of the "normal social events in the life course of modern families."
Besides the shock that rolls off me due to the incredible denseness of these statements, I can't help but wonder, "Why is this guy a marriage counselor?" I would think a marriage counselor would actively strive to keep people's marriage togethor. I would think that they would see a divorce as a great and mighty failure.

Apparently I was wrong.

Need I say this again? Marriage is ordained by God as THE covenant between a (again note singular) man, a woman and God. God gave no room for divorce. God gave no room for infidelity. When God created the marriage union, he didn't give Adam a choice, He said, "Adam, here's your wife, you'll be faithfull to her, she to you." It was simple.

It still is.

Marriage is a simple contract. You care for, love, comfort, have sex, talk with, and help your spouse. Are the roles in the marriage different for a man and a woman? Yeah, slightly, but when you get down to the nitty gritty basics, you are left with the most simple rule there is: Men - Treat your wife as Christ treats the church. Women - be a helpmate for you husband.

See now those aren't to hard are they?



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