Sunday, August 18, 2002

"We're not begging white people,'' said Farrakhan

It's time for a rant AGAINST Slave Reparations

Here's an excerpt from the above linked story:
Hundreds of blacks rallied in front of the Capitol on Saturday to demand slavery reparations, saying that compensation is long overdue for the ills of that institution.

"It seems that America owes black people a lot for what we have endured,'' Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan told the crowd. "We cannot settle for some little jive token. We need millions of acres of land that black people can build.''

"We're not begging white people,'' said Farrakhan, one of several speakers at a rally organizers billed as "Millions for Reparations.'' "We are just demanding what is justly ours.''

Why would my tax dollars be "justly" theirs? Were not the African-Americans offered land a number of years ago (yeah it was in Africa, but it was still land)?

But the ultimate question is this. Why should we, the people of today pay for the mistakes of the past?

Of course then you might say "Well they're taking about the government paying the reparations."

The obvious stupidity of that statement aside, the government is OF THE PEOPLE. The government is not a separate entity, it is a manifestation of the will of the majority of people. Besides, who do you think pays for the government? Is this money just created out of thin air? NO! The government gets all funds out of the pockets of its constituents. Whether those be businesses, farms, people, whatever, that's where the government gets both it's power and it's finances.

You know, I think I have come up with a way that I would agree to reparations. Anyone that wants them, can receive them, BUT, the money received for reparations would be taxable at 110% with that tax money set aside for military spending.

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