Thursday, October 17, 2002

No Smoking. It's the Law

Which is stronger in you? Your desire to not have people smoke, or your desire for personal freedom? There's a law on this November's ballot about baning smoking from all businesses. This scares me. This scares me very badly.

I don't like smoking. I think it's a nasty habit. That said, I think if someone wants to partake of this habit, it's their right as an American citizen. If they want their business to cater to smokers. It's their right as an American citizen.

Yet this law denies that right. It is saying that the Government knows what is better for you, and your business than you do.

Not only that, but how many steps is it from No Smoking in businesses to No Smoking in Apartment Complexes? Then how many steps is it from Apartments, to everyone's homes. What I wonder is, after they banish cigarettes from everyone and everywhere, what are they going to hit next? Sodas? Candy? Milk? Video Games? Once we ban 1 item from our life. The next one to go is just that much easier. Ben Franklin said "Those who give up a little freedom for a little security, deserve neither freedom nor security." The freedom that we are deciding on is the freedom of being able to choose to do as we want with our business, homes, and self, as opposed to a little security from the potential threat of cigarettes.

So, do we deserve freedom? Or do we throw away our security.

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