Thursday, November 7, 2002

The ACLU Protecting Your Rights, At Least the Pretty Ones...

You know, In a forum discussion on guns, it hit me that the ACLU should be protecting American's rights to bear arms. The ACLU, by charter, is described as an organization that exists to protect the Bill of Rights. They may be misguided from a Christian point of view, but from a strictly social viewpoint they are a good organization. I spent a good 10 minutes looking through their site. They cover everything from religion to free speech, but nowhere do guns come up. Now, why don't they protect the second amendment? What is it about the second amendment that means that it doesn't get protected.

Our founding fathers obviously thought this was important, it came second only to free speech. Yet the government wants to remove our firearms, and the ACLU doesn't care. Does that leave us with just the NRA as a lobbing effort to try and control gun laws?

On that note, I believe we should adopt the Liberty Amendment. This amendment would allow for the removal of simple majority to decide laws. This amendment would allow for only laws that pass a true majority (about 75%) to be in effect, and then also would allow for those laws to regularly be voted on for reenactment to see if they still contain their true majority support. This would allow laws like the one in Florida which makes it illegal to drive without wearing shoes to pass from being.

Guns and the Liberty Amendment, two things helpful for returning this great land to its Constitutional roots.

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