Tuesday, December 17, 2002

Soap, Soup, Souls...

Is this a true qoute in today's society? Or is it just "Soap & Soup?" While looking for apologetic information about the Salvation Army, I realized, there is none. Why is this? Is it because the SA doesn't put an emphasis on it's primary mission? Take a look at the Southern Terrortory's website. Try and find the doctrines of the Salvation Army. It's on that site. What bothers me is that it's on a secondary page, about 3/4 of the way down a huge page of text. The webiste puts a bigger emphasis on the social services programs than Christ. Looking at the links, donations, value guides, and special gifts all come before the "About us" link which is where you will find a mention about Christ. I guess it is telling that the logo used on the websites is the "Red Shield" from the lodge program and not the more Christian Salvation Army Crest.

Onto the second thing that I started the rant with, where are our Apologists? Apologetics is a very essential aspect of Christianity. Peter tells us that we should all be ready with an answer to whomever asks us a question. So in theory all soldiers and officers should be apologists, yet there is not a single site for it. What's worse is the concept is not taught. In a recent Sunday School class I asked my students if they would be upset if a teacher/pastor/CSM could not answer their questions they said yes, then I asked if they would be upset if the person next to them could not answer that same question and they said no. Is this because they didn't realize the importance of the concept of Apologetics or is it because we have taught our youth that the Bible is hard and you have to be a "leader" to interpret it.

Either way, our youth have a lot to learn.



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