Monday, December 30, 2002

What I want to teach my youth...

Above all other things there are 2 things I want my teens to get out of my Sunday School class:
  1. Read. The more they read the better Christians they can be. Reading the Bible gives you the answers, reading other books gives you the questions. Reading is one of the BEST ways to learn new information.
  2. Question your leaders. This is something that is woefully lacking in our youth today. They seem to want to take whoever is teaching them at FACE VALUE! I am horrified at such a concept. If n oone is going behind me and looking up my references, if no one is going behind me and ensuring what I say is according to the Gospel, how do they know I am truly speaking truth? Christians have a few requirements in their lives, and one of these is to question their church leaders and teachers.
I have said this once or twice, but if ANY techer, pastor, or evangelist tells you that you should "Trust them" or that questioning what's happening in your church is "Doubting the Spirit" leave. Get away from that person as fast as possible because they do not speak truth. Praise and deceit cannot come from the same mouth, and any who tells you to "Trust me" is a liar and should not be trusted to teach the Word.

Oh well, that's my mission for my kids. Peace to all.



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