Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Nation of Islam in Today's school...

Sunday, Pensacola High School will be a satellite feed location for Nation of Islam's leader Louis Farrakhan speech denouncing (and as a by-product encouraging and blessing Iraq) war with Iraq. Now the Nation of Islam's teaching are incredibly decisive. They are white-bashing in the utmost sense. One speech found on their site says that basically every time blacks reach a level, whites raise it. In my opinion we have just lowered the levels. Over the past thirty years, the general education level of high-school graduates has dropped. More and more students are getting out of grammar school (products of social advancement) without having the simple ability to read. How is this raising the bar? What is truly sickening is that the same people who support Nation of Islam are those who support Slave Reparations.

I guess it's just a stupid idea for stupid people.

Anyways onto the subject at hand. Our superintendant of schools initially declined their desire to use it (Our schools cannot be used for financial gains for any group). Our esteemed School Board decided that the superintendent was using his powers stupidily an overruled his decision. Why they did this? Because it MIGHT impune on someone's free speach. Now remember the School district would not be stopping the speech just it's broadcast to a group (that will charge admittance) on tax-payer owned property. How exactly is that denial of free speech? The speech is still being broadcast, just that now the group which is charging money for admittance, will have to pay for the venue that they are charging for. Maybe I just don't see the problem, perhaps that raised bar is blocking my view.

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