Friday, April 25, 2003

The Great American TV Turn Off

he state of Florida wants you to turn off your TV. Well actually, it's a program, running this week, sponsored and endorsed by the Department of Health called "TV-Turnoff Week." In it, we are supposed to not watch TV this week, rather we're to go exercise or read a book, or stare at the wall, whatever, as long as we're not watching TV.

Why is this worthy of a rant you ask? Simple. Government, especially ours, has no reason to be doing this. What this amounts to, is a simple attack on a private enterprise. It's our government trying to destabilize a business. That's not very capitalistic if you ask me. But wait! There's more. not only is this action socialistic in an economic sense, it's the government once again saying "We know what's good for you." This is evil, plain and simple. The government does NOT know what's best for me, only I can make that decision. Just like the government does not know what's best for my son, for my wife, or my family in general. That is a decision that I make, and likewise I have to deal with the consequences.

You ask, what can it hurt? It's simple, we start with a week without TV, then it's a week without carbohydrates, next it's a week without a book. Before you know it, the government has everyone doing exactly the same thing. What they want you to do. As long as what I do, does no harm to anyone else, the government has no business dictating to me, what I should or should not do. If I want to eat myself into a stupor, and being grossly overweight, then who cares? Does it hurt anyone but me? Nope (though it could be argued it hurts my wife and child, but that is an extension of hurting me). The point is, we need less government in our society, and programs such as this do not acheive this goal. Always be wary of when the government says to do something. Ask yourself is this worthwhile? Is this something the government should be asking/telling me to do? WHY is the government telling me to do this. I think I watched more tv this week (just upgraded cable so I get Cartoon Network ), than I have in the past year, and I'm proud I spoiled this department's evil plan.

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Saturday, April 19, 2003

The Untruthful Vegan

PETA will do anything to get you to not eat meat. Including lie about Christ. In an effort to further their political agenda they are spreading lies about Christ, saying that He would encourage (their website says He did encourage) a vegan lifestyle. What's even more amazing, is that they claim He had a vegan lifestyle. This is nonsense. Jesus was a Jew. He performed all the proper rituals according to that religion. Including the Passover Lamb and probably witnessed and encouraged animal sacrifice. It is sad that this organization would use such overt lies to further their political view.

Personally I have never understood PETA. What's wrong with raising animals for slaughter? They exist to be food. If we don't eat them something else will. That is the way of the world. To deny that is to deny nature. A good portion of these people assume that given time anyone (could they even think anything) would choose to be a vegan. I'm here to tell them I will never give up my meat. There is nothing wrong with raising animals for food. There is nothing wrong with hunting animals for food. There is nothing wrong with killing animals for food. I think I might start a new group. People for the Ethical Treatment of Vegatables (PEVe). We'll try to liberate those poor defenseless plants that are raised just to be ripped from their homes and slaughtered for the consumption of those heartless Vegans. What's worse is all the various chemicals and poisions we routinely dump on those poor defenseless plants. How dare we? Don't we have feelings for the Turnip?

Okay, enough of that, it hurts my head to think that way. Give me a nice steak and potatoes and salad. I'm equal opportunity, I'll slaughter both plants and animals.

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Monday, April 14, 2003

The Master's

Well, as some of you may or may not know, The Master's Tournament has come and gone again this year. What makes it so interesting that the Master has gone this year? Well it seems the ever... hm... you know, I just can't think of an appropriate adjective, National Organization of Women wanted the Master's to allow a woman player. They were rather upset over the fact that the membership of the club was strictly male. They even planned protests (as it turns out 40 people showed up to protest). Yet the one question that has rambled through my mind since this nonsense started is "Is this really important?"

Think about it. "Is this important?" Does it matter whether or not there is a female player in the Master's? Is it life-shattering? Is it demeaning to females to not play this tournament? Is it hurting females to not be able to play this tournament? Is it important. Whenever we fight a battle that is the question we should always ask ourselves. "Is it important?" The battles for civil rights. They qualified. The battles for our constitution. They qualified. The battles to stop Hitler (or any other despot). They qualified. The battle to get a woman in the Master's.

Kinda puts it all in perspective eh?

What I want to know is, why is NOW so afraid of a males-only organization? Shall we ban fraternities? Shall we do away with any vestige of sex division in our society? Uni-sex bathrooms for everyone?? I'm sure that would go over quite well with the teenage male population. What is so wrong with a group of men doing "men things" together? What is so wrong with a Men's club? Men don't complain about a Women's club (a nice example is all the women's colleges sitting out there still). Why? Because we're not scared of it. We don't care what happens within it. Quite f rankly we don't care one way or the other. Why is it that women (especially those in NOW) do? Maybe someone would be sweet and kind enough to tell me. If not, I guess I'll have to continue laughing at the stupidity of it all.