Saturday, April 19, 2003

The Untruthful Vegan

PETA will do anything to get you to not eat meat. Including lie about Christ. In an effort to further their political agenda they are spreading lies about Christ, saying that He would encourage (their website says He did encourage) a vegan lifestyle. What's even more amazing, is that they claim He had a vegan lifestyle. This is nonsense. Jesus was a Jew. He performed all the proper rituals according to that religion. Including the Passover Lamb and probably witnessed and encouraged animal sacrifice. It is sad that this organization would use such overt lies to further their political view.

Personally I have never understood PETA. What's wrong with raising animals for slaughter? They exist to be food. If we don't eat them something else will. That is the way of the world. To deny that is to deny nature. A good portion of these people assume that given time anyone (could they even think anything) would choose to be a vegan. I'm here to tell them I will never give up my meat. There is nothing wrong with raising animals for food. There is nothing wrong with hunting animals for food. There is nothing wrong with killing animals for food. I think I might start a new group. People for the Ethical Treatment of Vegatables (PEVe). We'll try to liberate those poor defenseless plants that are raised just to be ripped from their homes and slaughtered for the consumption of those heartless Vegans. What's worse is all the various chemicals and poisions we routinely dump on those poor defenseless plants. How dare we? Don't we have feelings for the Turnip?

Okay, enough of that, it hurts my head to think that way. Give me a nice steak and potatoes and salad. I'm equal opportunity, I'll slaughter both plants and animals.

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