Friday, May 9, 2003

Laci and Conner Law

The Parents of Laci Peterson, working in conjunction with the National Right to Life group (and others) in supporting the federal "Unborn Victims of Violence Act." This law would make it a federal crime for someone to harm a pregnant woman and an unborn child at any stage of development. IMO this is a good and wonderful law, and we should have had it on the books numerous years ago. A human is a human at conception, just because the child is entirely dependent upon someone else doesn't matter. At some point in time everyone is entirely dependent upon someone else.

What's amazing is that those who are anti-life are fighting this law (even though the act, specifically excludes abortions from prosecution). They view it as an attack against Roe v. Wade. They view it as an attack on a woman's choice to kill an unborn human. What's sad is that this is not the case. This is the government trying to protect those who don't want their unborn child to be harmed by another. This is an actual instance of a good law (can't remember the last law I thought that of) and I support it.

Yet reading further, it gets even more amazing. Rather than believing that the Rochas (Laci's family) could actually support this because it is a good thing, than assume that the Rochas can't actually make a CHOICE through their grief. How can they say this, when the exact same could be said about those who decide to get an abortion. They could be so outside themselves through grief/guilt/fear/etc that they aren't making a valid decision. Yet this decision is federally protected, and they accuse the National Right to Life of exploiting the Rochas. What a sad, sad state of affaris.



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