Thursday, April 15, 2004

Tax Cuts

Should the average tax payer be given tax cuts?

The answer to this question, as in most things related to government depends on your party affiliation.

Democrats tend to say no. The average tax payer does not need a tax cut, that extra money should be given to those that don't pay taxes. While Republicans say give everyone the same tax cut as a percentage reduction (an example is a 3% reduction in all taxes).

The Republican plan leads to economic growth, spending, and job creation, while the Democrats plan leads to.... more power for the Democrats.

Really, that's the only 'benefit' I can see from the Democrat's tax plans. The realize that if they can give enough money to those that don't pay taxes, those that don't pay taxes will continue to elect them. What's sad is that such programs are by their very nature damaging. A majority of government entitlement programs are damaging to the very people they seek to help. They are basically telling these people that they should not attempt to get ahead, but should rather sit at home and collect a check. It's the basic idea of whether it's better to give someone a fish, or to teach them how to fish.

I know which I'd rather do, but then again, I'm not a Democrat.

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