Friday, April 9, 2004

What is diversity?

What is diversity? Is it accepting everyone's point of view as an equally valid point of view? Or is it caving into the demands of a minority?Why do I ask this? Quite simple, back in January, a couple of kids in a Fraternity, went to an OFF-CAMPUS party wearing black-face. A couple of other frat kids (this time from a traditionally black fraternity) saw them, complained about it, so those wearing it, took it off.

Think on this, when told that it was hurting someone's feelings, the kids took the stuff off.


Yet that still wasn't good enough for the whiners. At a rally held 3/25 this was said
"The entire organization needs to be kicked off this campus, who led the rally. "Any threat to diversity is a threat to the university." -- Dawn Davison, 27
What exactly is a threat to diversity? According to diversity doctrine, all viewpoints are valid. As long as I think it's right culturally and socially, my actions should be accepted (now can you see why I hate the Diversity Doctrine). Yet what gets me most is the other comment that was shouted during the above mentioned rally.
"Black Power,"
Ahhh. Now we're getting to the heart of the matter. These people are not upset over the black-face, they're wanting more power. They want more black faculty, a required history course dedicated to African-American History.

They want stuff.

When are these foolish people going to realize that I, and everyone else in this world, owes them NOTHING. You can want more all you want, what I say to that, is work for it. Stop thinking that you are owed something. Stop thinking that you're being horridly oppressed. In today's society, as it is now, you have the same opportunities as I. Take advantage of them, learn, work hard, just stop whining and think that you're owed more than an opportunity.



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