Tuesday, March 22, 2005

For The Children

In all the hype and hoopla concerning Mrs. Schiavo there is an issue that is even bigger and direr than that one. We know Congress loves making laws and what not, but I have to say this one does not fall under Congress' purview (though I doubt that will bother them, they love passing laws that according to the Constitution, Congress is not allowed to pass). This is something for each and every state of the union.

Our states need to start imposing death sentences on Child Rapists and Murderers.

How many of our children must we sacrifice in the blind rush to attempt to rehabilitate these monsters? I realize that to the Loony Left (who support pedophiliac organizations such as NAMBLA) that it is just a child, something they believe should have been aborted a while back. Of course to me, I think we need to have these monsters drawn, quartered, shot, hanged, stabbed, poisoned, and castrated. Not necessarily in that order either.

Of course maybe I am biased. After all, I am a father, and would have no compunctions doing such to anyone who harmed my son. Yet I fail to see exactly what's so bad about being biased.

Regardless, we all need to write our state legislatures and demand they instill mandatory death sentences for those who destroy the lives of the most precious, and innocent, among us. We must remember that our children are our future, and they must be nurtured and protected. Letting the monsters that have destroyed a child in the past, free so they are able to do so again is the height of irresponsibility and needs to be put to a stop.

As well, until we get these laws passed, then we need to be vigilant in identifying the sexual predators among us. State Laws require that they register with the police, and that information is public record. Go to the court house, some website, whatever, get that information for your neighborhood and ensure that it is released for all to see. Do not allow these very real boogeymen to thrive in your neighborhood because none knows they are there.

Remember Jessica Lunsford, Samantha Runnion, and all the others who have been raped and killed by these monsters. As well, do not be afraid, but rather be mad. Mad that these monsters have been allowed to destroy so many children over the years. Mad that there are thousands out there ready to do so again. Mad that they can so easily escape the requirements for registration (as Jessica's killer has done). As Jessica's father said, it is now time for these monsters to go away and rot in hell.

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