Saturday, January 7, 2006

Anger Doesn't Solve Anything, Violence Does

A judge in Vermont, Edward Cashman, wins my personal enmity. As judges go, he's probably the lowest of the low. As people go, he is basically scum of the earth. It takes a lot to make me truly hate someone, especially public servants. While I believe they are fools and misguided, I don't hate liberals, homosexuals or drunkards.

But Eddie takes the cake.

Why? What has this judge, who lives hundreds of miles from me, done that irks me so?

To know what this judge has done to earn my ire, you must know the story of Mark Hulett. Mark confessed to the repeated rape of a young girl. Mark started this when the girl was 7. Mark continued his abuse and destruction of this poor child for four years. Remember that number. Mark raped a girl, from the time she was 7 until she was 11. Also, remember that I am a firm believer that rape should be a capital crime.

So, we have Mark, after his four years of torturing the innocent, finally arrested, and in front of a judge. He admits his guilt. There was nothing stopping this guy from going away for a long, long time, where he can get rapped for the next 20 years or so. That is there was nothing stopping Mark from a lengthy jail term until Judge Cashman stepped in. The sentence Cashman handed down was 60 days. That's what, 15 days per year of rape.

Yes, that is justice for that poor child.

Of course, when queried, what did the judge say about himself? That he didn't believe in punishment and this quote "We feed on anger, that's not my job. I've got to do something that solves problems. The one message I want to get through is, anger doesn't solve anything."

Sadly, Judge Cashman is not the only stupidity in regards to this case. The Vermont Department of Corrections gave Mark a low risk of repeat offense classification, which among other things means that if he did serve a prison sentence, he would not get sex offender counseling. Which I guess it's valid, for I doubt Mark will go out of his way to rape another little girl repeatedly over a four year period. He'll just rape them for a single year, and then move on to someone new. I mean, this classification from the DoC is just as stupid and inane as the sentence handed down by Cashman. After all, Mark admitted that he rapped this girl multiple times over multiple years. He is already a repeat offender. Just because he was caught only once, does not negate the number of times he violated and tortured this poor girl.

Anger doesn't solve anything. Of course it doesn't, but what I want to know is what does anger have to do with just punishment? There should be no anger in punishments. Consider this, when I give my son a spanking, quite often I'm trying to not break out laughing. I have found whatever misbehavior that my son has performed quite funny. Of course, since he is misbehaving, he still gets a scolding and a spanking. There is no anger on my part during his punishment.

The point is that this judge has failed in his duty. As a criminal trail judge, he should, without anger, apply the punishments which fit the crime an individual is convicted of. Failure to do this is a failure to do his purpose. What is worse is that it sets a legal precedent where individuals who repeatedly rape a young girl over multiple years, can get off with barely a slap on the wrist. One has to wonder why Cashman would want this as a legal precedent, it makes me wonder what type of materials would be found on his PC.

This animal that hurt this little girl needs punishment. If the punishment was up to me, we would, in a fit of happiness, beat Mark to death over a four year period, and force Cashman to be raped repeatedly over those same four years. Mark is a rabid animal, and needs to be put down as such. Cashman, well Cashman is worse.

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