Sunday, January 22, 2006

The Eminent Domain of Justice Souter

Justice David Souter was one of the brilliant legal minds who ruled in favor of the City of New London, New Hampshire in Kelo v. New London. For those of you wondering, Kelo was the Supreme Court case which granted cities like New London even greater abilities to use eminent domain to take property away from private individuals and give it to some other private individual. Brilliant legal ruling that was.

Well, there is a California man by the name of Logan Darrow Clements who has decided that the small township of Weare in New Hampshire should evict Justice Souter from his home, and give the land to Clement's group, allowing Clement's activist group to build a hotel on that land. After all, that is what Souter's decision did to some private citizens.

I for one, found it deliciously funny.

Of course individuals such as state representative Neal Kurk do not quite have my point of view on such things. In fact, Representative Kurk has declared that Mr. Clements is doing this out of revenge.

What utter drivel.

For this to be an act of revenge, then Mr. Clements would have had to been a party involved in the losing side of Kelo. No, I think it is more of a matter of the fact that Mr. Clements merely wants Justice Souter to feel the evil that Souter helped unleashed. Why should judges who make idiotic rulings such as this one, be exempt from the evil of said ruling? This is not revenge. This is making these idiot judges realize what evil they have inflicted upon the populace by granting the government the power to steal private lands to give to others.

I mean, come on. The government already steals my money to give away to people to lazy to work, now they can steal my land, and give it to people too cheap to pay me what it would take to get me to sell.

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