Thursday, January 12, 2006

Methan, Frogs, and You

There has been a couple interesting articles put out recently, the first has to deal with greenhouse gases, most specifically methane (click here for link). In what I'm sure is a amazing surprise to those crazed eco-whacko's, plants are a major contributor to greenhouse gases. To me, this is no surprise, as for a long time, I've realized that the majority of greenhouse gas emissions occur where there is the fewest people, such as the blue ridge mountain ranges in the Carolinas. It's just those many people who want to blame all the world's ills on human environmental impact (less than .1% of greenhouse gases mind you) that this is bad news for. Personally, I don't care if the ambient temperature raises a degree point over the next hundred years. After all, according to evolutionists (and geologists) the world has spent more time as a greenhouse than it has in an ice age or what we would consider normal temperatures (and what they call normal temperatures are those temperatures recorded during the past 100 years or so). So what is the response to this interesting tidbit? Why rather than any form of common sense, we just get "well this may mean we need to reconfigure the Kyoto protocols slightly."

Can I get a bah?

On to interesting story number two. It actually is related in a round about way, but it deals with the mass extinction of various frog types. Apparently during unseasonably warm winters certain fungus gets to grow in different areas and take out whole species of frogs. Apparently this fungus thrives when there is less of a temperature differential between day and night. So what's to blame you ask? Global warming. Apparently, global warming causes nights to be warmer and days to be cooler, allowing these fungus to thrive. As a side note, global warming has also been cited as the cause of record low temperatures in Europe this winter, as well as the replacement of various cold-water plankton with warm-water plankton.

What gets me is that most of this eco-whacko's are evolutionists as well. They believe that whole survival of the fittest shtick. That life has no intrinsic value and all of us have evolved from some lower life form to fill an ecological niche. Except humans, who are evil incarnate, and are put on this planet merely to destroy the environment. That alone makes me wonder what the big deal about the dying frogs are? After all, they did not survive, they were weak, now the earth will have to bring something else to fill that particular niche.

But hey, what do I know. After all, I believe in neither global warming nor in evolution. However, I do believe that this earth of ours is much, much hardier than the eco-whacko's give her credit to being. I think we could probably wipe out whole ranges of species, and something would just move in to take its place. As has been happening for thousands of years as us evil humans have exterminated other species. After all, there was not a huge ecological impact after the dodo bird was wiped out in its entirety.

Oh wait, I forgot that we can't let little things like logic or past experience get in the way of what the Left want us to believe. So go on and worry about that .01% of atmospheric carbon dioxide that humans put in the air actually has a bearing on our global environment. Then go cry over those little froggies who will never get to be bait for me to catch a large-mouth bass with.

But why you are doing this, can you at least wonder why the Left wants us to worry and cry about this. After all, we do have more important things to worry about, like Big Government.



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