Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Roadmap to Break the Law

70,000 maps, in comic book form, of the United States border marking roads and water tanks are going to allow illegal immigrants to sneak into this country easier and safer. Of course our good friend Mexico is the government giving these things out to Mexico's citizen.

And Mexico says there's no invasion of the U.S. by Mexico.

This on top of the Mexican military being inside the U.S. protecting gun runners, and by inside, I do not mean some random section of the Arizona border, but rather the Texan border where the countries are separated by the Rio Grande. Yes, the Rio Grande, which even during the dry season has a 200 foot river bed.

And Mexico says there is no invasion of the U.S. by Mexico.

These excursions by the Mexican military have almost become routine for the U.S. Border Patrol. Even to the point that Edward Nelson, former Chairman of the Border Patrol stated in 2003 that "we are in a state of war, and we are fighting enemies who have brought the battle to our shores. If ever there was a time for the United States to put troops on the border, it is now." That was in March of that year.

And Mexico says there is no invasion of the U.S. by Mexico.

A catholic priest wrote an editorial in a Georgian newspaper claiming the wonders of illegal immigration, and how businesses need to be able to hire illegals to support the wonderful social services that those businesses provide.

And Mexico says there is no invasion of the U.S. by Mexico.

Sooner or later our government is going to have to accept that the sieve we call a southern border needs to be closed. Sooner or later, we're going to have to stop the Mexicans from walking into our country and attacking our government agents. We as a people need to stop believing that protecting our borders is a racial thing. The Lefties out there want you to believe that folks such as the Minuteman Project are racists for attempting to protect our borders, but they're not. People such as the Minutemen are not singling out people because of their race; they're stopping individuals from coming into our country. Just because those people all come from Mexico, and happen to be Hispanic, has no bearing, the fact they're coming across our borders illegally does.

The truth of the matter is that regardless of what Mexico says, their military and citizens are pouring into our country. If that is not an invasion, I'm not certain I know what that word means any more.

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