Monday, September 10, 2007

What is in a Name?

I'm involved in quite a few social networks. MySpace and Facebook among them. Well, back in the early days of the Internet, I did everything under a pseudonym. Originally, it was Blade, but as registrations became more predominate, I switched over to Kidan. In fact, the first iteration of the KrashPAD that ever existed was entitled "Kidan's KrashPAD." Hence, why it's spelt with a 'K.'

Yet, recently, I invited an old friend from those early days to join my Facebook group, and he basically stumbled about the approval because he didn't recognize my full name.

When he questioned me about it on IM later, I replied that as I got older, I found the need and desire to work under a pseudonym to be less and less. And in fact, I tend to display my Real Name even in situations where pseudonyms are common. For example, the forums at TheForce.Net I am still registered there as Kidan, yet attached to that is my real name, and my real name accompanies all postings on the main portion of the site.

Well, that got me to wondering. Why am I now so easily disseminating my ideas, thoughts and theories under my own name? In this world where Google Searches can cost you a job, why would I do that?

The answer, can be summed up in a quote by Milton Acorda:
Without freedom, no one really has a name.
By pushing my ideas out there, regardless of how out-of-sync with political correctness, I am protecting my freedom. For example, it's not someone hidden in the shadows denouncing hate speech laws, it is me, Stephen Wrighton, doing it.

By attaching my real name to these things, I am putting a power behind it. I am claiming my freedom, and my right of speech. While catchphrases and quotes from anonymous sources exist, it is those that we can accredit to a specific person, be that Franklin, Roosevelt or Paine, that we hold most dear.



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