Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Breeding for Stupidity

I'm one of those folks, who firmly believe that if you raise a kid right, he'll go the right way (hey, it's a firm, Biblical principle). Overall, it worked for me. I'm happily capitalistic, pro-privacy, pro-life, a firm believer in small government, and a die-hard Constitutionalist. Additionally, I have a healthy disdain for the government, and anyone who takes the effort to attempt to tell me what the truth is, especially when they do so after repeatedly being caught in partisan lies (i.e. the MSM).

So, imagine my surprise, when I discovered an article on the Blogger News Network discussing those environmentalists who believe it's bad environmental policy to have children. The BNN article points on towards an article from the Daily Mail (an UK newspaper) entitled: Meet the Women Who Won't Have Babies... Because they're not eco friendly.

Frankly, I was dumbfounded at first. I have always found it hard to believe that there are folks out there who just don't want to have children. It truly does make my head hurt on occasion, as I ponder such things.

Yet for all the various reasons one could use to justify the decision to not have children, the concept of them being "not eco friendly" is just so off the wall, that in my ruminations I had never considered it.

I was flabbergasted; nigh upon shocked speechless.

And, as my wife would love to point out, it takes a lot to do that to me.

Of course, now that I've had a bit of time to consider things, and after reading the additional lunacy which is evident in the comments to said thread, I have to say that I applaud their decision. How could I not?

Especially, if you consider my view of things related to the rearing of children from the first paragraph.

Consider this, if all the nut job liberals stopped having kids, only the kids of us who believe in small government and the Constitution would be around.

Unfortunately, liberty through natural selection isn't fast enough for my taste, as there are enough socialists/liberals out there to make my life miserable today.

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