Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Republican Frustration

There's an YAHOO/AP poll flickering around the MSM today, decrying just how frustrated and out-of-sorts Republicans and Independents are concerning the 2008 elections. All this while the Democrats are happy-go-lucky, and oozing joy at their candidates. All of this is happening, while a majority of everyone thinks that this election is very important and matters even more than usual.

Of course, I have to agree with that; after all, the top two Democratic candidates are both eager and ready to implement huge social health initiatives.

Additionally, I can see why Republicans are concerned and frustrated by their choices. After all, if a Republican isn't paying close attention, they have these options to choose from:
  • Guilani
  • Thompson
  • Romney
  • McCain
These are the four folks who routinely pop up on polls and other odds and ends. Of course these polls then have links to "more information" where you can find that there are additional candidates such as:
  • Huckabee
  • Paul
And quite often, it's just Paul who is hiding on the far side of a poll's jump, if he even appears.

Why does this matter? Because Paul is the only candidate out there who is running on a small government/Constitution-based platform. He's the only candidate out there who is actually running a campaign that makes sense to me as a Constitutionalist. Here's some of the things that Paul is for:
  • Lower taxes
  • Stopping illegal immigration
  • Ending NAFTA-like trade agreements
  • Stopping personal data collection by the government
  • Pro-life
  • Property rights
  • Ending Unconstitutional Federal interference in the Education of our children
And that's just a small sampling. So it's no wonder that the MSM despises and ignores him. It's no wonder that if most Republicans polled don't know he's out there (or worse, are still in the "I need to vote for a front-runner to keep so-n-so out of office" mindset) that they're frustrated. My suggestion, vote for what you believe. If we all did that, rather than trying to vote to keep someone out of office, then maybe our country would be a better place.

And have Ron Paul in the oval office.



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