Monday, April 7, 2008

Charlton Heston--A Great American.

Another icon of Conservative America has now passed from this mortal coil. Over the weekend, Charlton Heston died.

It's sad, and not just because he was the guy from Planet of the Apes. Mr. Heston spent many years as the president of the National Rifle Association fighting for our Second Amendment rights. Among others. This is the guy that resigned from an Actor's group because that particular group refused to allow a Caucasian play a Eurasian role.

I'm sad that such a fighter (one of the few from Liberal Hollywood) is now out of the fight.

Yet we still have his example to draw from.

We still can fight for our rights, in the same way that he did, and he espoused during his life.

Good bye, Mr. Heston, and thanks for your efforts on our behalf.

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