Friday, June 20, 2008

Why I'm still voting for Ron Paul

As most of the folks out there who know who Ron Paul is are aware, he has stopped actively campaigning to be our next president. That said, my intention is to still write his name in on my ballot come November.

Now, when people find out I'm doing this, their first immediate response is why? They say it like I'm insane, or worse, I'm throwing away my vote.

Which I've always found an odd turn of a phrase. How can I throw away my vote, if I'm voting for the individual who I want to see in the office in question? Would it not be throwing away my vote if I chose to throw it at someone who I didn't really agree with, but had the appropriate animal logo attached to their name?

Have we as a nation become so juvenile that we're merely voting for which picture we like better? The Jackass or the Elephant?

I have never voted someone based on "electability." When I voted for George W. Bush the first term, it was because I thought he was the best candidate. After the fiasco of things like No Child Left Behind, and the Drug Benefits that have passed while he has been in office, I now know better. Consequently, when it was time for him to be reelected, I went with a different choice. I voted for Peroutka.

Today, I am still looking for a better choice. Neither of the "prime" candidates that are all the buzz words in the news are worth while. They both take stances which I view as obscenely anti-Constitutional. It was from this point of view that I found Ron Paul.

When I read his message, and his voting record, I knew that I had found a candidate that I could stand behind. So I did. I told people about him. I sent folks to his website. I used his name in signatures on various forums.

Today? Today I'll do the same thing. This November? I'll do the same thing I had planned on doing since I first read up on Ron Paul. I will vote for him--and as always, I encourage everyone else that stumbles on this little rant of mine to vote for him as well.

Above, I referenced the fact that people ask "why" as being the first, and primary response. Which implies that there is a secondary response. This secondary response is the question: Why not just choose the lesser of two evils?

First off, let us remember that whenever you choose evil, you are making an immoral choice. If you knowingly choose evil, then that makes you evil. There can be no other option in that case.

Frankly, whenever I see someone say to make the choice between the lessor of two evils, my mind automatically translates that into:
If TOLD to not choose good, then you should choose evil.
Gives things a slightly different spin, eh?

No, I am not going to choose between two evil options. Not when there is an option which I consider a good choice still on the table.

So, that brings us to the ultimate question here, which of course is again, why? Why would I do this? Why do I think and will ultimately act this way?

The answer to that question is simple: I do so because I must live with myself, and the decisions I make.

If I know that I chose what I believe is best for the country, my family, and myself, then I have a clear conscience. If I knowingly choose something that I firmly believe is not in the best interest of this country and my family, then how exactly can I live with myself?

And in the end, I do it for my wife.

When I married my wife, in return for her promise of fidelity and obedience, I promised to always chose to do what was best for her, and our family. That is the responsibility and price that I must pay for the right to be the head of my household.

While I know that in this day and age such thinking is seen as outdated (I can hear some folks gasping as they realized that my wife actually uttered that she would obey me in her wedding vows!) it works for us. It has worked for us for 8 years, 5 months, and an odd number of days. Additionally, it will continue to work for us for as long as we both uphold our respective promises.

So now--ask me again how can I "waste" my vote by writing in Ron Paul for President.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel the same way. I too will vote for Paul, because it is morally right.

November 4, 2008 at 10:07 AM  
Blogger Stephen Wrighton said...

Exactly! Glad to have you on the train, and here's to hoping that we get Ron Paul 2012!

November 5, 2008 at 8:45 AM  

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