Thursday, September 25, 2008

September 25, Disbarment Day

Sept. 25th is a day that gamers will long hold in a special place in their hearts. Especially if the lawyer in question fails to win his appeal.

The twenty-fifth of September is the day that Florida disbarred Jack Thompson, and did it so that once finalized he can never become a lawyer with the Florida Bar again (and one can only hope that that would translate to the other states in the union as well).

What's so annoying about this Jack Thompson? Well, he's one of those idiotic reactionists who want to blame everything bad that happens on the evils of video games.

In my estimation, the only folks stupider than that, are those who blame gun violence on guns.

While I firmly believe that Mr. Thompson has the right to badmouth games all he wants, suing businesses to keep games from being released is a step outside of the lines. All video games come with ratings, much like movies. It's not like someone is going to buy a M rated game for their toddlers. Well, I wouldn't actually put that past people, but that's because people can be dumb.

No, my only hope now is that this will more or less shut him up, and we won't have to listen to his rantings concerning how destructive and evil video games are.

And in that hope, let's celebrate a new holiday for gamers! From now on, September won't just host "Talk like a Pirate Day" but will also be home to Disbarment Day!

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