Thursday, May 7, 2009

2 School Shootings!

In the past few days there have been 2 shootings involving colleges. The first I want to talk about happened yesterday (5/6/09) on the campus of Wesleyan University, and involved a man walking into the college bookstore there, and shooting a poor girl dead.

Yes, this man, walked through those magical, pixie-powered force fields called "no-gun zones" and managed to hold a gun as it spontaneously spat out a projectile towards a young lady, identified as Johanna Justin-Jinich of Timnath, Colorado, who was merely working at her job.

And if you missed any of the sarcasm which filled that sentence, you need to go back to high school.

It was a sad thing. It is. But unsurprisingly, there are news articles all over the place (here's Fox News' rendition). In fact it is a story produced by the Associated Press. I'd be surprised if everyone hasn't heard of this particular story by dinner time tomorrow.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that the AP shouldn't have reported on this. It is a news worthy event, a young girl lost her life to what amounts to a wild animal.

But I said there were two shootings.

The second story, once again involved a college student. This time though (and this happened on 5/4/09), their were two gunmen. The basics is that a group of students were having a birthday party for someone in an apartment, when two men (and I use that term only in the sense that they are human males) burst into the home waving guns about. They then segregated the men and women, and one of them began to count the bullets they had with them.

Based upon the conversation between the two criminals, their intention was to kill all the men, and then rape and kill the women.

Anyways, the college student in question, one Tom Jones, grabbed a gun from his bookbag, and protected himself, and the others--and in the process ridding the world of one more useless drain on society, sadly his aim was a bit off, as he failed to rid the world of both of the drains in question.

This story managed to get some local news coverage, but that was it. It did not appear on Fox News, and the Associated Press had nothing on it at all.

Now, what's the difference between the two stories?

It's simple, in the first, the person doing the shooting was entirely the evil one. He went into the bookstore and just killed the poor girl. In the second, the one doing all the shooting was a hero. He protected himself and others--not just his friends that he was with that night, but all the other potential victim of the useless twit who wanted to rape and kill them all.

Frankly, they are both news worthy events. They're both describing attacks, but one had a "happy ending" with the innocent still alive, and worse, still alive due to the presence of a gun! The other story showed a gun entirely in an evil light--and because the victim was in a state-mandated shooting gallery gun free zone, there was no one there who was willing and/or able to protect her.

Personally, if I were Johanna's parent, I'd be screaming that these nonsensical gun-free zones be done away with. After all, if there had been someone there with a CCP and a gun, Johanna could possibly still be alive today.

On the other hand, Charles Bailey, one of the 10 people saved by Tom Jones, at least knows that he owes his life to a gun. Maybe next time, he'll be the one willing to risk himself to save those around him.

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