Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bumper Stickers

Well, as I was driving to work, I found myself reading those silly bumper stickers folks have on their cars.

And then mocking them. So, I thought I would share my amusement with the world.

What this is saying is that "I stop whatever it is that I'm doing whenever PEACE breaks out." Therefore, it's only logical that to make this person a productive member of society, then he, or she, expects constant warfare throughout the land.

This one has always amused me. Yes, it was $1.46 when Bush took office, but hey, that war was all about the getting the gas for America!

The difference is one is a language, and the other is skin color. You'd think even a liberal driver would realize such a simple thing.

Ah... simplistic, vague, and utterly meaningless! Much like everything that comes out of a Liberal's mouth
But His kingdom is Heaven, here on earth--He expects us to work for a living.

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