Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wonder If Other Amendments Will Be Read...

I'm amazed. Flabbergasted. Utterly boondoggled. Insert other words/terms of amazed disbelief here.

Why you ask?

It's simple, a U.S. Senator has remembered that the Constitution and its associated Bill of Rights exist.

Apparently, David Kris, assistant attorney general of the Justice Department’s National Security Division was in the the Senate's Judiciary Committee on 9/23 testifying on why the expiring portions of the Patriot Act need to be extended.

At which point Al Franken read Mr. Kris the Fourth Amendment, and asking specifically how the "roving wiretap" portion of the Patriot Act can be fulfilled while still providing American's the protection from said searches guaranteed by the Fourth Amendment.

Color me amazed that Mr. Franken knows the Constitution.

Oh, wait, the Constitution was just a part of his incoming paperwork as a junior Senator; but at least he read it.

Now, of course, my question becomes, will Mr. Franken read the Constitution at other times that a law that is being brought before the Senate appears to be working against the text (or the intent of the Framers) of the Constitution?

Say, will he read the First Amendment when Congress talks about bringing back the "Fairness Doctrine?"

Will he read the Second Amendment when Congress talks about yet another gun law?

Will he read Article 1, Sections 8 and 9 as well as the Ninth and Tenth Amendments when Congress tries to pass something utterly outside the bounds of what they are allowed to do according to the Constitution (you know, little things like welfare programs, the national Department of Education and potential government-run health care)?

Or, as is so often the case in such things, is the Constitution only important when it discusses and approves those issues with which Liberals are concerned?

I have no doubt that Mr. Franken will never again open his copy of the Constitution (unless he needs it to attack something with which he does not agree), but I can dream can't I?

And while I'm waiting and dreaming of a Constitutional government, I have an Amendment or 10 which I can read to my kids.

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