Thursday, October 1, 2009

Government Mandates & You

I was perusing through THOMAS earlier and discovered an interesting proposed bill. Apparently, Congress, in its infinite wisdom has decided that not nearly enough people own cars. In fact, there are some thousands upon thousands of able-bodied adults who do not own a car. So, of course, they have decided that it was time to legislate such a situation.

It's an interesting bill, and has these as the primary focuses:
  1. The creation of a regulatory marketplace. All new cars sold will be required by law to be sold through this marketplace. Inclusion in the market place means a bunch of hefty fees are added to the car manufacturers, as well as price caps and bottoms, and an array of "standard" features which are less the what is currently standard on most new cars
  2. Any additional features--regardless of their pre-"marketplace" standardization--can only be added as an additional cost to the car
  3. Cars that do not meet the price caps/bottoms or feature standards will not be allowed to be sold in the United States or its territories
  4. Every able-bodied/able-minded adult must own a car
  5. Depending on income, the government may buy the car for you
  6. If the adult is an illegal alien, they will not be able to get the free car
  7. People are not allowed to check to see if an adult is an illegal alien
  8. The population can keep their current car, only if they
    1. Do not change the color of the car
    2. Do not change the car's battery
    3. Do not change the car's tires
    4. Do not perform any exterior or interior body work
    Performing any of these tasks requires you to purchase a new car
  9. Each new car has a tax associated with it
  10. There is a yearly fee, based on income and cost of the car, to own the car
  11. Adults who do not own a car, must pay an annual fine
  12. Failure to pay the fees/taxes/fines will lead to jail time
So, what do you think?

Does this sound like a fair law? Is it reasonable?

After all, those poor folks who don't have a car right this moment, why the government will buy them one! Imagine all the helpfulness that that could provide. Solid, reliable transportation for the masses.

Of course, all those folks who live in places like NYC--where it's unreasonable for them to own a vehicle--why they have to pay extra to offset the cost, or they could go to jail for failure to pay their taxes.

Can you imagine this? Can you imagine what this would do to our nation and economy?

If you've read this, and thought it perfectly reasonable. Replace the car with a bike. Or a house. Or a candy bar. If it still sounds reasonable, well, you're a hopeless socialist. Go on home.

For the rest of us, why does this sound unreasonable while doing the exact thing with Health Care sound reasonable?

Frankly, it doesn't. The description of the law, is more or less how that last Health Care bill was written. There were hefty fines and/or jail time if you did not buy the government health insurance. There was a single line detailing that no illegal aliens would receive benefits, while at the same time the law stated that no one would be able to check on the legal residence state of the individual in question. And of course, there was the fact that people would be able to keep their insurance--provided that they never needed it to change.

This is the change that Obama is trying to bring us. Pretty bitter medicine, eh?

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Blogger Hescominsoon said...

hye can you give the link in thomas for this? I would like tor ead it as well..or a bill number?

October 2, 2009 at 6:49 AM  
Blogger Stephen Wrighton said...

I made the car-bill thing up. This is just the Baucus Health Care Bill that Obama was hawking in Congress the night that Joe Wilson screamed out the truth.

Not sure how scared I should be that that wasn't instantly obvious...

October 2, 2009 at 8:14 AM  

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