Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Terror of the Skies

I'm disturbed by a lot of what I've been reading lately in regards to the airport system and most specifically in regards to the Transportation Security Administration.

Sadly, not even the fact that peadeophilists and other unsavory characters are TSA screeners is not the worst of the recent things I have read.

No, the most recent things is the new emphasis on those full body image scanners as well as the sexual assaults "pat downs" one will receive if one has the temerity to not want to produce porn for the cretins who take pictures of nude people for the TSA.

What's worse is that those nude pictures are not of just adults, but of children.

Think about this, we have an entire class of people (some of whom obviously have… issues with small children) whose entire job is to take nude pictures of children.  Yet because these… people wear the pretty gold costume jewelry handed out by the Powers That Be, their persons are sacrosanct in their ability to produce naked pictures of actual children.

And this while some poor soul got jail time in Iowa because he had the misfortune of ordering the wrong comic book from Japan (and again, no one seems quite certain WHY the Post Master general felt the need to open said mail).

Let's look at a few examples of the types of brilliance which the TSA is inflicting. 

m_angoneFirst, there's Michael Angone.  Ms. Angone is the daughter of two Chicago area police officers, and as an infant had cancer so bad that they were forced to amputate her leg.  As such, she now has an artificial one.  As a member of the Chicago Children's Choir, she has to travel a lot, and so she informs the TSA screeners that her prosthetic sets off their alarm.  But is that enough for the TSA cretins in question? Of course not, they see a reasonably attractive post-pubescent female and feel the need to touch every part of her body.  The pat downs in this case were so invasive, so humiliating, and so inappropriate that her father (again, a Chicago police officer—and the Chicago PD is another government good-boy network more known for its corruptness than its strict obedience to the law) is wondering why the TSA screeners have to grope her consistently.  She describes it as being "felt up" in public by strangers.

Next, we have Meg McClain. Ms. McClain was given the oh so special privilege of getting nude pictures taken of her against her will, and when she opted out of the so-called "optional" procedure, the TSA began their usual shenanigans. When she had the temerity to question them, they then pulled out the big guns by bringing in 12 Miami cops, ripping up her ticket and ultimately expelling her from the

Then there's the 71 year old gentleman with a fake knee by the name of Robert Perry.  He informed the TSA screener about said knee, and when it inevitably set off the alarm, the TSA screener pulled his pants down to his ankles. When he asked to see a supervisor, the screener proceeded to yell at him: "I have power, I have power! I have Power!"  Which of course she did, her power allowed him the great dignity of standing about nude, and missing his flight to Florida with his wife so they could celebrate their fiftieth wedding anniversary.

Finally, we have a 3 year old who is molested at the security checkpoint.  And we have video footage of that.

Which, as a father sickens me.  If that had been my child, I would have felt the need to ensure myself a short trip to a federal penitentiary.   To be clear, I would have felt the urge to punch the idiot who was touching my child in such a fashion.

What type of nation have we become, when we provide an entire subclass of people the power to molest children and the elderly as well as to take naked pictures of anyone at anytime.

And think back to Mr. Perry's story.  It's not bad enough that some of the TSA gets their jollies from feeling up three year olds, but its' also a POWER thing.  Ben Cramer, author of How Israel Lost wrote about a school headmaster, who was an elderly gentleman, and happened to pass the same checkpoint every morning, and every morning was forced to undress and stand naked while his students passed by.

Mr. Cramer asked a checkpoint guard why such humiliation is inflicted on the elderly, and was rewarded with this quote:

Because [of] the bad attitude – you know? If they are acting like they are good, [then] we are the bad one. Then, you must show them control.


It's not about keeping people safe. It's about submission and control. It's a power game for the TSA. They want to see what they can do and get away with.

After all, according to federal prosecutor Tim Funnel, since TSA officers are performing a "vital function" (which really, really makes me wonder what's on his hard disk) they are "entitled to protection from assault." Which is the government's way of saying we will do whatever we want to your person, and there's squat that you can do to us for it.

Sadly, we have no one but ourselves to blame for this.

Or in the immortal worlds of Ben Franklin:

They who can give up an essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.

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